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featured chef : spotlight on amazing recipes

Chef Domenica Catelli, Chef & Owner, Catelli's Restaurant, Author, Iron Chef Judge
"When I discovered agave nectar as an alternate sweetener to sugar, I was thrilled with the results. As a chef, I am always after pure ingredients that add a dimension of flavor and that are simultaneously healthy. Nature's Agave is fantastic because of the variety of flavor that their 3 products bring. I can add depth of flavor to a marinade, sauce or cocktail instantly by switching up the Raw, Amber or Clear. I'm a sucker for great packaging as is great when what is inside is even better than what’s on the outside"

Domenica is a recurring judge on Iron Chef America, a guest on CBS News and “Oprah and Friends,” with Dr. Oz on XM radio, and has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, WebMD magazine and She is the national spokesperson for the Organic Trade Association and has been the brand ambassador and chef spokesperson for several organic, healthy products, including Safeway’s O Organics line. Celebrities and VIPs such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, and Nelson Mandela have enjoyed her food. She has helped companies further their goals of education, outreach, and going green, including Safeway, Stonyfield Farms, T-Mobile, and Cooking Light. Learn more about Domenica and Mom-a-licious at