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do you agave? yes, I do...

Sounds funny, but there are so many simple and delicious ways to “go agave”. The easiest way to start is by replacing highly processed sugars, high-fructose corn syrups (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners with 100% organic Weber Blue Agave Nectar. Drizzle over pancakes, mix in tea and coffee, or add as a sweet topping to fruit and yogurt. Agave nectar is excellent in baking and can be used in barbecue sauces and salad dressings. Or for a perfect summertime refreshment, you can easily make the most amazing lemonade using fresh lemons, water and agave nectar.

Really, when you start looking at the labels of the foods and drinks you and your family consume, you most certainly will be shocked at how many things use processed sugar, corn syrups and artificial sweeteners. Even foods like ketchup, salad dressings, and “healthy” cereals are loaded with sugar (usually the first, second or third ingredient). We are getting so many extra calories from highly processed GMO sugars and HFCS in our diets that obesity and diabetes is now skyrocketing – most shockingly in our kids. One simple step to keep your family away from the harmful effects of highly processed sugars, HFCS and artificial sweeteners is to introduce Nature’s Agave Nectar as your preferred sweetener. Very low on the Glycemic Index (much lower than honey), and sweeter than sugar, your family won’t suffer the sugar highs or crashes, and you can use less, saving precious calories. And, unlike the odd taste of other chemically altered powdered sweeteners, Nature’s Agave Nectar is hands-down delicious. The diversity of flavor from Nature’s Agave Premium Nectars offers so much versatility for the chef in you… whether you’re baking cookies and brownies, blending up healthy smoothies, or creating your own signature sauces, Nature’s Agave is simply the best. Tastes great and saves calories compared to sugar.

What should you look for when choosing a brand of agave nectar? First, consider how it is processed. First, each mature agave piña is hand-harvested in the fields of Jalisco in the traditional way. No tractors or large machinery are used - this is all done by hand by local agave farmers and workers who have been raising and harvesting agave for generations. The harvesters, known as “jimadors”, masterfully cut off the spiky leaves of the agave plant, exposing the heart of the plant, called the “piña”. The piñas are then hand-loaded into pick-up trucks and brought to the production facility. Next, the piñas are crushed and shredded to extract the inulin juice. The juice is then filtered, gently heated, and then condensed through evaporation to achieve the final consistency. No chemicals or additives are used whatsoever. Our “raw” products (Amber and Raw) are not heated above 118 degrees F. (which is really about how hot it can get out in fields during the summer months!). So, unlike the claim by some that all agave nectar is highly processed, you can be assured that Nature’s Agave Premium Nectar is minimally processed, and certified organic from the leading organic certification agencies in the world. To ensure final quality control, Nature’s Agave lab tests every batch of agave nectar in the U.S. prior to, and throughout, the bottling process. Our bottling and packing facility is Organic and GMP Certified, adding a level of quality control that results in the highest quality agave nectar available.

Now, let’s talk about sugar consumption. Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener that is forty-percent sweeter than sugar. So what that means is, if you usually use 2 teaspoons of sugar in your tea, you may find that one teaspoon of agave satisfies your sweetness. This saves you from consuming excess sugar calories by roughly thirty percent. By using agave nectar instead of other sugars, you are cutting down on the caloric intake of sugar. Now look for more ways to cut back on other foods that have large amounts of sugar, HFCS or artificial sweeteners inside, and you’ll begin to reap the benefits.

So go ahead, indulge your sweet side with Nature’s Agave Premium Nectars.