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why we’re different: discover for yourself

Why We’re Different

Why is Nature’s Agave and GoSweet brands different from other lower cost brands on the market?

  1. Quality : There are lower cost sweeteners and agave nectars on the market, and in discount chains, but you do get what you pay for. The reason is high quality organic ingredients require more care in growing and harvesting, and as a result, cost more. We source only the highest quality ingredients, because that is how we feed our families.

  2. Variety : You can see the difference. Nature’s Agave Nectars offers a full range of color to compliment your cooking and mixing needs. Our products range from Clear (the clearest agave nectar produced today using a proprietary filtration process) to our extra-dark Raw nectar (produced at low temperatures to maintain rich mineral and natural properties)

  3. Taste : The final, and for many, the most important feature of GoSweet and Nature’s Agave brands is the taste. Compare our GoSweet Organic Zero Calorie sweetener to other powdered sweeteners using stevia or monk fruit, and you'll notice there's no bitter aftertaste. Luxuriously velvety and sweet, our premium agave nectars offer three distinctly different taste profiles to meet your all your culinary desires. For a pure sweetener, our Clear delivers sweetness without the typical butterscotch overtones of the agave. For a more complex taste that lingers luxuriously on your palette, our Amber nectar is absolutely remarkable. Looking for a dark, rich, full-flavored agave with hints of molasses, go for the Raw. And now, try our new Raw Maple Agave Syrup. Enjoy the delicious, rich maple taste of this all natural maple + raw agave syrup on pancakes, over waffles, yogurt, or in your favorite baking and sauce recipes. Unlike regular maple syrups, our organic maple-agave is low glycemic and sweeter to the taste, making it the ideal choice for avoiding blood sugar spikes and lowering sugar calories, without sacrificing taste.