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our story: we’re on a mission

We are a company on a mission – we want to help you enjoy organic sweetness in your quest for better foods. Nature’s Agave offers a variety of organic sweeteners and syrups to consumers and also food and beverage companies. Our goal is to simplify reducing highly processed sugars and artificial sweeteners by offering healthier organic alternatives.
We’ve searched throughout the world to find the best ingredients and growers for our brand of premium sweeteners. Our supply comes from growers with a shared passion for all natural, organic and sustainable farming practices. Through every step of the way, from the fields to your table, Nature’s Agave and GoSweet brands are the highest quality, best tasting sweeteners available.
Enjoy our organic, low glycemic, all-natural sweeteners as a sugar replacement. Really, who needs artificial chemicals or sugar highs and lows anyway? And, since our super-sweeteners are sweeter than sugar, you don’t need as much, cutting unnecessary calories from your daily diet.
Try GoSweet Organic Zero Calorie Sweetener and Nature’s Agave Premium Nectar in your coffee and tea, or your favorite recipes. Go ahead, it’s fun to be sweet again!