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featured chef : spotlight on amazing recipes

Chef Rachel Going, Pastry Chef, Banker's Hill Restaurant
"I grew up with a wacky, super health-conscious mom, who was brewing kombucha in the fridge before anyone knew what it was. I first started experimenting with agave nectar because I eat too much sugar, and love sweets, so I needed an alternative. Also, my uncle is diabetic and I wanted him to be able to eat my desserts on the holidays. I tried Nature’s Agave and was immediately impressed with its flavor profile – definitely different from other agave I have tried. I’ve already created a few recipes using it – like my agave carrot cake cupcakes!"

Trained at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Rachel is known for her homey-delicious desserts. Her pastries can be found at leading restaurants around San Diego and she is sought after for her ability to re-create the stuff your mom and grandma used to make, kicked up a notch using local, seasonal ingredients. Her latest gig is Pastry Chef at Executive Chef Carl Schroeder’s new restaurant, Banker’s Hill Bar and Grill.

Rachel Going's Agave Nectar Recipes: