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giving back: every drop makes a difference

We’re a company with a passion and a purpose

When you purchase Nature’s Agave Nectar, you are supporting a company that is driven to give back. We believe in making a difference by proactively working to improve the health and vitality of families, communities and the environment through several important causes.

Sustainable Farming

Social and economic responsibility is at the core of our brand. Nature’s Agave works with agave growers who have a tradition for sustainable farming practices and generations of family history connected to the land. Our agave growers use natural techniques to keep the agave fields free of pesticides or harmful chemicals during the growth, harvesting and production. The founders of our company know first-hand where the best agave is grown, and have developed strong relationships with select agave growers who share our passion for quality. We know the importance of getting our boots dirty. From the field to the bottle, our team is there… we tour the ranches, walk the fields, test the sugar content of harvested piñas, and oversee production runs to guarantee the highest quality, best tasting agave nectar available. Nature’s Agave supports the local farming communities and strives to create fair pricing for hard-working agave growers and their families.

Combatting Diabetes

Nature’s Agave is passionately committed to providing healthier alternatives with our food and beverage products. With the global rise of childhood obesity and diabetes, a diet of organic, natural and preservative-free foods is essential for improved health and vitality.  In an effort to reverse the growing trend of juvenile diabetes, and to help in finding a cure, a portion of Nature’s Agave Inc.’s profits will be donated to support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Supporting our Oceans & Coastlines

Nature’s Agave supports The Surfrider Foundation for their tireless efforts to keep our oceans pollution-free and our beaches accessible and clean. Pollution in our waters poses a significant threat to sea-life, the coastal ecosystem, and the health of surfers and swimmers. As passionate surfers, Nature’s Agave’s founders are committed to preserving our coastlines to ensure clean beaches and open access to waves for generations to come.