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Life is too short to be bitter, so choose GoSweet, the organic zero calorie superblend sweetener from Nature's Agave. Made with monk fruit, organic stevia and organic blue agave, GoSweet is the fun and feel good choice for your sweet fix.
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Here’s Why...

  • Low glycemic (GI Rated at 17*)
  • 100% Organic and Kosher
  • Agave Nectar is 1.4x sweeter than sugar
  • Use less, save calories
  • Dissolves in cold and hot!
  • Agave Nectar will not crystallize
  • Fantastic Taste!
  • Agave Nectar is Naturally Gluten-free
  • No Additives
  • No Enzymes
  • No Chemicals

It's sooo good! Try in...

  • In Coffee & Tea
  • On Yogurt & Fruit
  • In Baked Goods
  • In a Fruit Smoothie
  • On Oatmeal or Quinoa
  • In Salad Dressings
  • As a Pancake Syrup
  • In Lemonade
  • In Homemade Barbecue Sauces
  • In an Organic Margarita!
  • On anything you can think of!